Dry Yeast

Khoisan Tea’s Organic dry yeast a practical product suited for baking. Unlike fresh yeast, dry yeast can be stored in room temperature and is therefore ideal for the spontaneous bakers. Can be used for all kinds of baking, both bread and more sweet doughs.

Tip: Combine the dry yeast with Khoisan Tea’s Organic baking mixes.

  • Organic
  • Practical portion bags
  • Free from additives and preservatives

Article Number: BAK004


See back of packaging. Use for desserts or foods that need gelatinised. 1 teaspoon is comparable with 6 gelatine leaves and suits for about 500g of liquid.


Dry Yeast*. *Organic ingredient.




Consumer: 1 x 9 gram
Retail: 40 x 9 gram